Athletics Code of Conduct


If I am selected to be a part of any team at Katimavik E.S.

  1. I will be a student first. This means that I do all my homework and assignments. I listen and try my best in class.

  2. I will always be prepared and dressed for Physical Education class.

  3. I will be respectful to all teachers, staff, students and property around the school.

  4. I will follow instructions, listen, be on time and participate to the best of my abilities at all practices (this includes putting away equipment after practice).

*** If I do not follow this code of conduct I understand that I will be asked to leave the team***

Criteria Considered for CHOOSING School Teams

  • Skill Level

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Shows the ability to adhere to the student athlete code of conduct

  • Participation in previous sports teams; this will help us ensure as many students as possible can participate in inter school sports

The following are the goals for both Junior and Intermediate level school teams as outlined in the Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Athletics Association (OCEAA) constitution, which is the leading document on athletic inter-school competition.

JUNIOR LEVEL - “ children are ready to begin training according to more formalized methods, but the emphasis should still be on general sports skills suitable to a number of activities. While it is often tempting to over-develop “talent” at this age through excessive single sport training and competition (as well as early positioning in team sports), this can be very detrimental to later stages of development if the child is playing a late specialization sport: it promotes one-sided physical, technical, and tactical development and increases the likelihood of injury and burnout.” (OCEAA Constitution). In other words these are the years where we focus on the students-athletes growth and skill improvement. As well, we are developing a love of sport in general.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - “At this stage, they are ready to consolidate their basic sport-specific skills and tactics. These youths may play to win and do their best…” (OCEAA Constitution). In other words teams at the intermediate level put a little more emphasis on skills. However the other criteria such as being a student athlete as well as respect are just as important.

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